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A unique web portal that aims to promote an amazing and comprehensive collection of Holiday Bungalows in Sri Lanka. Spread across four segments, we strive to expand and include a variety of bungalows that will offer our members the best possible holiday options suited to each ones preference. Our online solution, which is easy to use and based on providing convenience to our members also comes with the Same Prices and Rates that are offered directly by our partners.

Featured Partners

Udapola Villa


Lush Green foliage and gushing rivers and streams are synonymous with Deraniyagala and the Udapola Villa. Driving through row upon row of rubber trees and winding your way through low grown Teas you come upon Udapola with its sprawling gardens and large open verandas with numerous cosy locations to ..


Octopus Reef


Situated on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, The Octopus Reef Beach Bungalow, an antique styled house with a deck provides the guests a perfect location for beach holiday. The specialty of staying Octopus Reef Beach Bungalow  is the unique experience of watching the life that revolves around a ‘r..