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A unique web portal that aims to promote an amazing and comprehensive collection of Holiday Bungalows in Sri Lanka. Spread across four segments, we strive to expand and include a variety of bungalows that will offer our members the best possible holiday options suited to each ones preference. Our online solution, which is easy to use and based on providing convenience to our members also comes with the Same Prices and Rates that are offered directly by our partners.

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Coco Palms

Ibbagamuwa - Kurunegala

The Bungalow is set in a 40 acre Coconut estate and over looking the largest tank of in the district of Kurunegala, the 800 acre Bathalgoda Tank, is an ideal getaway place for guests intending to visit the dry zone.  The bungalow offers its guests the serenity of the surrounding and the cool comfor..


Kudaoya Villa


A classy Villa in a stunning location with a sprawling verandah overlooking a mist filled valley in the early mornings and red sky’s with the setting sun in the evenings, Kuda Oya is a place like no other. Lush vegetation surrounds the Villa with towering pine forests in its back yard. A gushing r..