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A unique web portal that aims to promote an amazing and comprehensive collection of Holiday Bungalows in Sri Lanka. Spread across four segments, we strive to expand and include a variety of bungalows that will offer our members the best possible holiday options suited to each ones preference. Our online solution, which is easy to use and based on providing convenience to our members also comes with the Same Prices and Rates that are offered directly by our partners.

Featured Partners

Calpentyn Cabin


Calpentyn Cabin situated outside a small village just three miles south of Kalpitiya treats its guests to an acre of hidden and private waterfront combining the lagoon in front of the cabin and the adjacent miles of pristine ocean beach.   The cabin which is built on the eco friendly environs ins..


Back Of Beyond Yala ( Gurugoda )


The traditional clay-wall and thatch roof homes of the dry zone have a character all of their own; the open ‘pila’ for socializing and sleeping, the semi-cleared home garden which merges with the scrub land and the jungle beyond. This inspired us to create our little cottage at Back of Beyond Gu..